Your guide to buying camper trailers

Like exploring the outside but also like to rest in some place more comfortable than on the ground? A camper trailer is an ideal congruence between the solaces of home and relaxing in nature. Here are some reasons you may think about purchasing a camper trailer.

You might be the new-to-outdoors type and love the outside, but not a great fan of the “roughing it” part. Then again, maybe you’ve been roughing it for quite a long time and now need some comfort as well. Others might want to scale down from a bigger caravan and strip it down to bare essentials. Whatever your reasons, purchasing a camper trailer isn’t as troublesome as it appears.

Setting Your Budget

First of all, you have to settle on your spending limit. Many would imagine that most camper trailers available are similar in cost, however that is a long way from the truth. You can get a decent camper trailer for a couple of thousand dollars, or buy total extravagance with no limits. However, whatever you have available to spend, you are certain to find your perfect trailer at Geelong Trailers.

Towing Limitations

It’s ideal to look into your car’s service manual and find the vehicle’s tow limit. That weight will help you figure out what camper trailers you can or can’t securely tow. Bigger vehicles, for example, 4WDs will commonly have the option to tow a heavier trailer, while you may find your alternatives constrained if your tow vehicle is a family car.

Suspension, Brakes and Wheels

Does the suspension seem, by all accounts, to be in great condition? Do the brakes have any rust on them? Are the wheels in great condition and does the rim have any scrapes? Do the tyres have a lot of track left on them?

Trailer body

Make sure that the body of the trailer has been built and tested as per Australian Design Regulations (ADR) and is made from the finest material so that there is minimum wear and tear and maximum stability and peace of mind.


Only buy from trusted trailer manufacturers that offer at least a 12 months structural warranty on all trailers so that you always feel confident while purchasing the trailers.

Your guide to buying camper trailers

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