Single Axle Trailers: Pros & Cons

Compared to a tandem or double trailer axles which have two axles that are placed near to each other so that they can distribute the heavy weight of a load, single axle trailers have just one axle with the wheels connected on its ends. So is it a good idea to buy single axle trailers or is there a scenario where single axle trailers are better than tandem or double axle trailers? Read on to know more.


  • Single axle trailers are built for specific light use purposes and are great when used for short distance hauls.
  • Due to less complexity, single axle trailers weigh a lot less hence can be attached to lighter vehicles. They are also easier to handle compared to tandem trailers of the same size.
  • Single axle trailers are much cheaper than the dual axle trailers and they are quite economical for towing as they do not put much strain on the vehicle.
  • Single axle trailers are easier to maintain as there are fewer set of the tyres, brakes, and bearings to replace.
  • You can park the single axle trailers in the less space than the dual axle trailers.


  • A single axle trailer cannot pull as much weight as a dual axle trailer of the same size.
  • Due to their lighter weight and more manoeuvrability, single axle trailers pose problems when being towed without any loads as they can get bumpy.
  • The weight on the tyres is less distributed and hence there is more wear and tear.
  • If you have a flat tyre while driving, it will make the trailer wobble.

Speak to a trailer expert before you purchase any trailer as experienced trailer manufacturers like Geelong Trailers can suggest the right trailer for you depending on your requirements and budget.

Single Axle Trailers: Pros & Cons

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