Over a decade long spotlight on building strong stock trailers has made Geelong Trailers a pro and the leading maker of stock trailers in the domesticated animals industry across Victoria. Now we seek to use our aptitude and solid experience to construct custom stock trailers for use all over Australia.

Geelong Trailers has manufactured long lasting trailers since the organization’s start in North Geelong and now services Adelaide, Bendigo, Warnambool and Ballarat. This extensive experience and outreach has greatly enhanced the capacity and experience of our representatives to convey the best outlined and quality items cash can purchase to our numerous clients Australia wide.

Geelong Trailers custom builds and repairs numerous stock trailers designs to suit all conditions and terrains with different specifications and options to suit the client’s needs, our precision being second to none. Our products are thoroughly tested to withstand the harshest Australian weather with the design to give greatest quality and strength with low centre of gravity for maximum stability. We utilize the best quality of steel using cutting edge technology to guarantee that you continue moving stocks securely and effectively.

You can rely on Geelong Trailers to get your stock moved safely and efficiently. Just give our stock trailers expert a call today!


Want more information before you buy a Stock Trailers? Call Geelong Trailers today on 0352770229 to learn more about our Stock Trailers for sale in Melbourne.