Based in Nort Geelong, Geelong Trailers builds premium quality single axle heavy duty trailers for individuals and tradespeople, with unsurpassed durability and long term performance in the harshest of Australian conditions. We believe in constant evolution and innovation to fulfil our clients’ diverse needs and keep us ahead of the curve when it comes to building custom single axle heavy duty trailers.

We have been a leading name in custom single axle heavy duty trailers for many years, with an unparalleled record in bespoke designs, detailed fabrication and world-class customer service. If you have used a trailer in tough conditions, you will know that different types of trailers are created for different purposes and the secret is in selecting the right one for your use. This is where the years of experience of our single axle heavy duty trailers experts come into play.

No two loads are the same, so why should the trailers to haul them be? Minor dissimilarities in design and production can lead to a lot of difference in the strength and performance of the single axle heavy duty trailers, so we build custom single axle heavy duty trailers to suit your exact requirements and specifications, depending on the job it needs to do. Each single axle heavy duty trailer also comes with a range of extra add ons, so you can get only what you want and need.


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Size: 5×4, 6×4, 7×4, 7×5, 8×4, 8×5, 10×5
Load Capacity: 750kg to 1400kg
Sides: 12″ smooth, 15″, 18″, 20″, 24″ sides also available
Floor : Checker Plate
Draw bar: 75mm x 50mm (Heavy Duty) with 8mm safety chain
Chassy: 40mm x 40mm heavy duty
Slipper Suspension: 5 Leaf, 6 Leaf, 7 Leaf
Mudguards: Heavy Duty Smooth Mudguards With Heavy Duty Side Rail Pipe
Door: Front & Rear Drop Down Door, Fix Front
Paints: 2 Coats of Paint & 1 Coat Zinc Primer
Brakes: Hydraulic, Mechanical or Electric Brake (Optional)
Tyre & Wheels: Second Hand, New Wheel & Tyre (Optional)
Lights: LED Lights with Flat/Round Plug to Suit
Number Plate Holder: Special Number Plate Holder
Wheel Braket: Spare Wheel Braket