Our high quality flat top trailers are versatile and meet a wide range of different applications, and with slight modifications, there is no purpose for which it cannot be used. We have come up with the design and specifications so that it may cater to a whole new set of unique solutions. The flat top trailers come with a host of options that can be added or removed anytime, making it a powerful piece of equipment for tradespeople.

Geelong Trailers’ flat top trailers are designed to be long lasting and can bear heavy loads over long distances. They offer good value for money as a single model can be used in multiple situations under different conditions. The flat top trailers allow you to load and unload all type of stuff like machinery, debris, farm equipment, furniture, camping gear and much more.

The strength of our flat top trailers compliments the versatility. Made with super-strength steel chassis and anti-slip centre bed, the trailer provides lighter weight and improved strength along with extra durability making it top choice for our customers for many years.

We take pride in the fact that every customer is treated at Geelong Trailers with absolute professionalism and we know that it is the reason we have managed to build up our customer’s trust in our work. We look forward to welcoming you and to demonstrate our expertise so contact us today for your next flat top trailers.


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Size: 6×4, 7×4, 7×5, 8×5
Load Capacity: 600kg To 1400kg GVM
Floor : Checker Plate or Smooth Floor
Draw bar: 75mm x 50mm (Heavy Duty) with 8mm Safety Chain
Chassy: 40mm x 40mm or 50mm x 50mm Heavy Duty
Suspension: 5 Leaf to 8 Leaf Slipper
Mudguards: Heavy Duty Mudguard With Heavy Duty Side Rail Pipe
Door: Single Door to Three Doors
Paints: 2 Coats of Paint & 1 Coat Zinc Primer
Tyre & Wheels: Second Hand, New Wheel & Tyre (Optional)
Lights: LED Lights with Flat/Round Plug to Suit
Number Plate Holder: Special Number Plate Holder
Wheel Braket: Spare Wheel Braket