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Are you planning to buy a trailer, but confused about what type would be a good fit for your needs? To make an informed choice, let’s start with the basics. This post has been written to help you understand the main differences between single and double axle trailers, also known as tandem trailers. After all, different loads need different trailers, and therefore it makes sense to choose a type that works best for your load

The obvious difference

As their names suggest, single axle trailers have one axle with one set of wheels, while double, or dual axle trailers have two axles and two sets of wheels. Each of these has their own advantages and disadvantages, and the right choice would completely depend upon how you intend to use the trailer, as well as your budget and personal preferences

Single Axle Trailers: Pros and Cons

Single axle trailers have just one set of wheels and bearings, and this makes them lighter in weight and lighter on the pocket. Owing to their smaller size and simpler construction, they are also less prone to damage, and will require lesser maintenance over the longer run. Their size and weight makes them easier to tow, manoeuvre and park even in smaller spaces. They are also a good choice for odd jobs, such as hauling small loads

But their small size also creates limitations in towing heavier payloads as compared to a similarly sized dual axle trailer. No suspension would result in a bumpy ride on uneven roads. Also, as each of the tyres will have a higher load per tyre, there is a chance of them wearing out faster

Dual Axle Trailers: Pros and Cons

Double axle trailers have a higher load bearing capacity, and will also provide more stability – both over uneven, corrugated roads and at high speeds. Their construction also makes it easier to load and unload cargo without the fear of the trailer tipping over in the process. As they are designed to carry higher loads, the law also mandates tandem trailers to have brakes, something which isn’t always the case with single axle trailers. This, coupled with suspension, makes dual axle trailers a lot safer, and less likely to swaying

Despite all their advantages, dual axle trailers cost considerably more than those with single axles. They also weigh more, and thus affect fuel efficiency. Moreover, as there are a larger number of wheels and bearings, they would attract higher maintenance costs

Deciding on the right trailer

The type of trailer would be dependent upon the type of load you want to transport, and the maximum towing capacity that you might need. It will also depend on your budget and preferences. No matter which trailer type you eventually choose, you will have to live with the pros and cons of that type, and you’d need to brace yourself for that

In either case, it makes sense to check out options from reputed trailer manufacturers in Melbourne. Geelong Trailers offers a wide range of options in both single as well as dual axle trailers, featuring open /closed top, carrier, heavy duty, medium duty, tradesmen and more. We can also customize trailers to specific needs, and the job you want to use them for. You could choose from a variety of add-ons, so that you get exactly what you want. Our many years of experience as a trailer manufacturer in Melbourne have armed us with the knowledge and expertise to create trailers that are designed to last long

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