How to connect your trailer to your car?

Most SUVs and trucks are equipped with a towing bar that enables drivers to attach a trailer utilizing a ball hitch and connect the trailer’s electrical system to their vehicle’s electrical system. Before you connect a trailer to your vehicle, make sure that your vehicle is equipped with the right size ball hitch for the trailer you intend to haul.

  • When connecting a trailer, it is useful to have somebody directing you as you back your vehicle towards the trailer. In the event that you don’t have somebody to guide you, you may need to get out of your vehicle a few time to see where you are with respect to the trailer.
  • Before moving your vehicle towards the trailer, utilize the hand wrench to raise the level of the trailer’s hitch so that is a few inches higher than the ball hitch on your back bumper.
  • Make sure that the trailer hitch is in the opened position. The handle will be situated at 90 degrees to the neck of the trailer.
  • Use the trailer’s hand wrench to bring down the trailer’s hitch with the goal that it fits safely over your vehicle’s ball hitch. The ball should fit safely inside the space toward the end of the trailer’s neck. When the trailer is attached, use the hand wrench to lift the trailer’s wheel. Secure the wheel with the goal that it is parallel to the trailer’s neck.
  • Position the handle so that it is parallel to the trailer’s neck and in the bolted position. Put the pin inside the handle to guarantee that the trailer will remain attached to the ball hitch on your vehicle.
  • Most trailers have two chains with hooks connected to the ends. These chains are utilized as a security precautionary measure. On the off chance that your trailer was to detach from the ball hitch in any way, these chains would keep your vehicle from totally separating from the trailer.
  • Attach the trailer’s electrical connection to your vehicle’s electrical system. Before driving with a trailer, test its lights, break lights, and indicators. Never drive with a trailer without an electrical system that meets all traffic security guidelines.

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