ATV Trailers- Things to Consider

Summers are almost upon us — that implies it’s the ideal opportunity for you and your mates to take out the ATVs and hit the road. For most ATV lovers, a great ATV trailer is a critical piece of equipment. So in case you’re hoping to get your first ATV trailer — or your current trailer needs an upgrade — we can help.

Spring may be the correct time to consider upgrading your ATV trailer to a best in class model — one that gives you a chance to pull various ATVs on the double, easily. As one of the leading trailer vendors in Australia, we at Geelong Trailers have seen EVERY type of trailer there is and are happy to share our knowledge with you.

ATV Trailers- Things to Consider

Features you want in an ATV trailer

You need an ATV trailer that makes hauling your ATV or ATVs simple and convenient. All things considered, the part you enjoy is riding the ATV, not transporting it. Stacking your ATVs sideways on the trailer bed is perhaps the most ideal approach to optimise trailer space. Picking a trailer with following added features can tackle most of the issues you might face with your old ATV trailer.

Side Ramps — Almost all trailers have a back mounting slope but side ramps are perfect for transporting ATVs. Side ramps enable you to stack your ATV onto the trailer without physically turning them.

All Aluminium Trailer — Aluminium trailers are extremely durable but are a lot lighter than the steel ones. This permits smaller vehicles with less towing ability to pull more loads, since the trailer itself is lighter.

Closed Trailers — The advantage of a closed trailer is that it also acts as a garage to store your ATV in. It can also be used to put in your gear and other stuff in protecting it along with your ATV from the elements.

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